thirty eight years

born thirty-eight years ago

went to school twenty-eight years ago, and was told to keep my mouth shut and toe the line

went out to work eighteen years ago, and was told that that was the rest of my life

changed things around eight years ago so that that wasn’t the rest of my life

i’d like to shake things up even more and see a different nicthegeek eight years down the road

check back here in 2018 and see what happens


got 5000 years?

snuck this link off Tym:

no matter how much i want to boycott this year’s event, I have to say the opening ceremony was IMPRESSIVE. I didn’t watch the whole shebang, just a little bit when shir and I were eating dinner. the performers were dressed circa i dunno which dynasty…just think 赤壁. I did remark to shir, 他們會不會重演中國五千年歷史? she thought about it for a split second before telling me 哇,降ceremony到明天還沒有表演完耶. 😀

Back from the other World

sigh, the 10 day trial account expired on the dot of midnight, more than an hour ago. been drumming my fingers wondering what to do. back to the real world for a short visit then. have to anyway, since it be time to search for a cheap copy of World of Warcraft at SLS or somewhere. and i do distinctly remember putting my PSP on deep freeze so that I could get real-world-stuff done 😀 *whisper* PSP isn’t on deep freeze either

meanwhile, plurking has been fun, and it lets you plurk in chinese too, with all the bells and whistles on. i wonder if i’ll get rapped by my boss soon for spending my time plurking and facebook-ing 😛

and some people have unfortunately been mis-led to this blog, while they keyed in their search for tizzy bac at esplanade. i am sooo sorry, i like tizzy bac, but just haven’t been listening to them for ages. i wonder why.


剛洗完藻出來,好酥胡! 拿起梳子梳個頭髮,今天怎麽那麽滑潤,那麽容易梳阿。。。平時洗了頭后,頭髮都亂打結的。