New Look … Again

I think the thing I love best about blogging is not blogging, but playing around with the themes and look and feel of the blog.

Maybe I should change jobs heh

New look again, this time to Andreas09 so that nicthegeek a wannabegeek and nicthegeek goes android look similar 🙂


nicthegeek goes android

but, what’s the point, actually?


thirty eight years

born thirty-eight years ago

went to school twenty-eight years ago, and was told to keep my mouth shut and toe the line

went out to work eighteen years ago, and was told that that was the rest of my life

changed things around eight years ago so that that wasn’t the rest of my life

i’d like to shake things up even more and see a different nicthegeek eight years down the road

check back here in 2018 and see what happens

RIP, Geocities

Looks like Geocities is closing fo real today.  See Mashable’s news here.  That’s quite sad, as I hosted my first-ever website on Geocities, that free-for-all-self-taught-HTML-programmers 🙂  I stopped using Goecities after Yahoo bought it over.  Also there were so many other options.

RIP, Geocities, I can’t say for sure you will be missed, but you’ve given lots of memories 🙂

What's wrong with the kids?

something interesting from something boring…came across this while doing research for work…

Wanted: Candidate with undergraduate degree in finance/accounting. Long hours not requiredcome and go as you please. Spend as much time Web-surfing as you want. Work on the projects you like and refuse the rest. If you don’t feel like finishing a project, your manager will gladly take it. Excellent salary and benefits; on-the-job napping encouraged.

Far-fetched? While 30 years ago no one would have posted such a ludicrous help-wanted ad, these days finance managers in the United States say they have become all too familiar with exactly this kind of employee. Consultants have even coined a name for this new breed of entitled worker: they call them millennials.

The millenials are appearing in Asia as well, particularly in China, where the little emperors and empresses produced by the one-child policy are all grown up and entering the work force. They tend to expect fat pay raises and rapid promotions, and these days their bosses have little choice—Asia’s continuing economic boom is exacerbating a long-standing shortage of finance skills.

some observers say millennials are less willing than previous generations of workers to endure prickly situations.

Still, some CFOs have come to appreciate the talents that most millennials bring to their jobs. Many are more technologically adroit than their bosses.

CFO Asia Apr 08 –

Sounds like such a familiar situation I used to face a few years back. and the worst part is, some of these so-called millenials don’t even have some sort of talent to offer, just know how to whine. So how to command all of the above?

overheard at lunch

overheard at lunch 1
阿伯 1 正準備出國,啊,不是,是回國。
阿伯 2 問:從那一庁出境。
阿伯 1 回答:老的老的。
阿伯 1 和阿伯 3 開始
我 (吃飯中頓了一下)心理OS: 阿伯,你是在指家裏那位‘老的‘ 嗎?囧

overheard at lunch 2:
man: you (referring to female colleague) have a cheeky smile
female colleauge: ya! everytime I smile like that, people always tell me i have something up ON my sleeve
me: 囧 + ”’

overheard at lunch # 1 brings me to last week’s encounter…
我下了班后,不是很餓,所以就繞道去mr bean買豆奶當晚餐,店員都是大陸同胞。
我 (聽者耳機):豆花水,熱的,一杯
我:(啊,可能因爲聼耳機,講話太小聲) 熱的,一杯 (指了她旁邊一大通的豆奶)
店員: (又愣了兩秒鐘)
我:(有點不耐煩了, 把耳機抓了出來):豆奶,熱的,一杯!
店員:(愣了半秒鐘):噢! 燒的!