Android 안드로이드

One more thing before hitting the sack…this geek has been on a kimchi craze recently, craving for everything that’s Hallyu…except the bae person *erckk*

So while trawling for everything Android and Korean, what should I come across but this Why do they have it so cute? Perhaps with the losing market share of the search engines, Google needed to do something to spice up Android offerings?

I’m not sure what’s the Android trend in Korea right now, all I can understand is SK Telecom (one of the larger telcos) launched the Desire in February. Whether the site above is by Google, Android or SK, I duno.  Any Korean Android fan out there wanna explain? They’ve got the cutest videos of the Android logo robot too, who they call 안드로보이 Androboi.

I love this the most!! I love it even more than the BigBang/2NE1 vid for Lollipop!

Love his? her? its grooves!

it snowboards too! like, so cool, can!