The 3 Years of Android Desserts – A Look at Android Home Screens

Even though I’m a great supporter of Android, I’ve only ever had the chance to use Cupcake (Android 1.5). Although I don’t consider myself an early adopter, it was early enough days in Android to put me off it for a while. Oh I could see the possibilities, but being a super impatient child of the twentieth century, I switched to the dark side.  It’s only for a while, I swear, I am going back to Android one of these days. 

Meanwhile David Ruddock over at Android Police has taken a look back at the past three years, and compared the homescreens and functions of the six Android desserts so far. Ice Cream Sandwich is a long way away from Cupcake, and I’m definitely looking forward to what Jellybean brings, coz I’m getting me a ‘droid phone and pad!

magic1 GALAXY-Nexus-Product-Image-1

Images courtesy of David Ruddock/Android Police


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