Smarter cities, happier nicthegeek?

This is really weird and out-of-the-blue, but I’d love to attend one of these smart cities/urban renewal/city infrastructure conferences just once.

Smarter Cities KL 2012


I’m not an architect or urban planner or traffic controller, which is too bad, because I’ve always had a fascination with city infrastructure and urban planning. Just look at the amount of time I spend playing city-building games ranging from Simcity to Emperor.

Hmm, maybe I wouldn’t make a good urban or city planner after all, and perhaps I wouldn’t understand all the technicalities and jargon, but it would still be fascinating to listen in at sessions that provide ideas to encourage citizens to make smarter choices about how they live, work and travel; or to manage urban sprawl and reduce a city’s carbon footprint.

The website design and navigation is pretty sexy as well.






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