A new city

sooo, I’ve been a bit slow here.

Taipei County 台北縣 (that bit featured in red) has been renamed 新北市 New Taipei City since end-2010.  And I had no idea, till a friend said so.  Well, I thought I had heard something about it, but that’s what comes of not watching or reading the news at all.

Some people might make a link (name-wise) to Newport City RI, or Newport City PH.

All I can think of is New Port City 新浜市, Niihama-shi, the fictional metropolis and the new capital of Japan, featured in the Ghost in the Shell franchise.

The city houses most of Japan’s politicians, business leaders and industrial workers.

And Sector 9, I might add.

And that’s my geek-on for today.  🙂


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