On memory lane, digital style

It’s Tuesday night, which means the WoW servers are down for maintenance.  Which means I should probably  (a) get some Korean homework and studying done  (b)  get some sleep  (c) do some research for blogging.

But no, I decided to go play around with something new that I came across last week.  Memolane.  IMHO, it’s really cool, a history/timeline/milestones chart, based on your digital footprint anyway.

Remember how back in the day, holiday photographs were snapped, developed, brought home to be oohed and ahhed over, and then stashed in a box to never see the light of day again. Until you were 60 years old. Or moving house.

Or how digital photos are downloaded, put up on Facebook, oohed and commented over, and nobody links back to them ever again. Until some busybody/stalker digs them up.

Or the pain of sorting through 15 holidays’ worth of photos, tagging them, sorting them into folders, dating them, renaming them, and giving up halfway. <well, maybe that’s just me, the procrastinator>

Well, Memolane does all that for you, in a minute.

Capture photos, videos, music, tweets, posts, and much more.
View and share your entire life online.
Create stories of your best memories together with your friends.
Explore and search your life and the lives of your friends online.

Check out their video first. <cool soundtrack, by the way, can someone tell me what it is?>

Setup is painless, all you need are the usual name, email address and password.

Once you’re in, there’s a list of social networking sites that you can add and authorise, again, extremely painlessly. And it uses OAuth to connect to all your networks, so you don’t have to give them your passwords.

Add in all you like, the more variety the better, because it’s only 1 click per account to set your privacy settings to yourself only, friends on memolane, or public.

Once you’re done, click View Lane, and voila! I’m pretty impressed because even with blog posts going back all the way to 2001, my timeline was pulled in a matter of seconds.  Well, maybe that’s why.  I’m not sure if image-heavy timelines would take a lot longer to pull.  If you’ve tried it, let me know.

So voila! Your digital history, as they claim, photos, videos, music, tweets, posts, and more.

Of course, if unlike me, you’ve uploaded hosts of videos and photos, your timeline would probably look prettier.  The horizontal timeline reminds of Plurk, only the whole concept is a lot more … sensible, then yet another social network 🙂  <Forgive the snarkiness, I’m going through a lot of pain about yet another social network at office>

Well, actually, yes. It is yet another social network.  <groan?> But yet, the whole concept, as I say, is sensible.  Read on.

You  can then choose to let your friends on Twitter and Facebook know about your Memolane.  You can even choose to embed your timeline on your own site <instructions here>

You can also choose to work with friends to create stories.  A separate timeline, where you and your friends combine favourite memories to share amongst each other. Even better, these memories can be past, present or future.

What I really like?

That ease of registration, authorisation and login. <yes, logins, I’m also going through a lot of pain about logins at office>

The search, which if I remember correctly, works exactly like Spotlight in Mac OS X.

The privacy. You can even toggle between your own view, friend view and public view, if you’ve set different privacy levels (Personal, Friends Only or Public) for each social network account. Whether this really works, of course, remains to be discovered.

I can see how companies and organisations can use stories to create milestones and future plans.  I can see how parents can create timelines for their babies, from conception through pregnancy and growing up.  I can see how, in this age when friends and family are spread out globally, they can share their fun and memories.

Best of all, it’s quick, clean, easy, painless and it’s beautiful.  It’s fun.  I like.  <because I’m going through a lot of pain convincing non-online-savvy people about the concept…at office>


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