How South Koreans search

It’s Wednesday, but I didn’t spend the day playing WoW even though I’m taking a sick day.

So with the powers of the Internet at my fingertips, and being bored, what do I do? (besides playing Zuma Blitz, that is).  I research Naver, Daum and other South Korean search engines.

I’ve always had an interest in the way South Korean engines work ever since my last job, when we were developing a Korean-language website for a client, and I had to do research on SEO for South Korean sites.

It’s 3 years too late, but there are some very interesting links out there about how they work.

From NYTimes:  Crowd’s wisdom helps South Korean search engine beat Google and Yahoo

This also accurately reflects what I see on TV. While watching 1박 2일 (2 Days 1 Night), when the hosts are allowed to do their research on the net before rushing off on one of their weekly wacky travels, they more often than not link to blogs and such.

From SearchLab:  A History of Naver – From Birth to Domination

I doubt if my Korean-language lessons can take me that far to research in-depth, but still hoping to do more research on this in the future (to what end, I don’t know).



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