nicthegeek wants: ViewPad 7

I haven’t casted my eye on a gadget for a really long time, being the very cash-and-credit poor geek that I am. Reading Digital Life or any other gadget-y geeky newspaper/website/blog has been known to cause actual physical pain in me, because I want those gadgets so much.

Oh owning the iPhone 3GS (yes i’m not at 4) has managed to alleviate some of that pain. I’m no Apple fanboy or fangirl, for sure, in fact, much to the contrary, I was, and still am, an Android supporter.  Although, without an actual working at-least-up-to-date Android phone, that has been laid to rest, temporarily.

So imagine my geek lust when I came across this ad in Digital Life today, advertising, ta-da, an Android tablet! And my surprise, ta-da, from Viewsonic? Viewsonic? really?

Okay, this is bad. Apparently, it’s been announced since October.  But it’s really bad that I’ve been trying to avoid gadget lust so much that all I knew about tablets was iPad, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab and LG Optimus Pad.  And not much at that.  By the way I’m not adding links for the pads, since everyone knows where to find them already. No point pointing to something that I know nothing much about.

But back to my point, which is, I can give in to gadget lust at last!!!  Because, apparently, it’s affordable.  I, apparently, might be able to afford it, without having to sell my soul, and my mother, to the devil.   I’m shell-shocked right now.

Not only that, but Viewsonic seems to have a ViewPad 7ViewPad 10, ViewPad 10S and ViewPad 10 Pro.   Viewsonic needs some help in their website design and CMS, as their product pages seem to work a bit differently per product (but that’s another story), but as far as I can see, other than the 7 running on Froyo (meh), the 10s’ are all dual-boot machines running Win 7 (double meh) and Froyo.

Oh the ViewPad 7 isn’t the prettiest or fastest tablet around, and doesn’t have the most imaginative name either.   Check out the thickness (it looks like a textbook!) and the fingerprint magnet back of it in the following video.

I think they might need better marketing too, check out their TVCF which makes…not much sense. [Choose me, choose me! I market! It’s all about ME anyway, right?]

But I guess my point now is

  • it’s affordable (who cares if I’m going to be jobless, and salary-less, soon!)
  • it’s an Taiwanese brand (I think) and I have this thing about supporting Taiwanese! or Korean for that matter
  • And it would allow to me to continue my pathetic actually going
  • And of course, this! courtesy of Ed 🙂

Think there’s a ViewPad roadshow going on this weekend at Funan. I want to go!!



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