Cloudhoof – 8 notches down, 40 to go

Levels, that is…

Spent the whole weekend grinding through Stonetalon Mountains, and finally made it to Desolace.  I hate Desolace btw, it’s grey.  I, or rather Cloudhoof, got turned into a Naga, which I thought was disgusting. I abhor snakes and snake-like things, and the only pleasure I take from Nagas are beating them to a bloody pulp then looting them blind.  *shudder*

I *DID* NOT touch any naughty spots!

Couldn’t make it to Level 40 though, coz I spent too much time looking for places and stuff.  Is it me, or have location markers (or at least that big yellow arrow in the mini-map) are less clear?  I spent at least 1 hour running around Krom’gar Fortress when the bloody cave was RIGHT BELOW ME! FML.. And a couple of peons said I touched their naughty spots! Ewwwww!! I wouldn’t touch their spots, naughty or otherwise!

Of course, the 2-hour outage caused by a lousy crackly phone line, and an even lousier ISP drove me out of the house to RL, wasting leaving me 4 less hours of game-time.

I think I need to figure out add-ons. Especially the Cartographer one. But I can’t seem to, I tried the extremely simple instructions on Curse, but it doesn’t work!…which is why I’m only a WANNABE geek.


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