Going Android with LG GW620

Got my paws on the LG GW620 on Tuesday evening!  I didn’t have a choice in colours, but luckily it’s the black/silver set, rather than the black/blue set that is in all the LG GW620 videos going around the web right now.

(I borrowed these images from GSMArena, none of them belong to me)

You can find specs here, and there are also numerous unboxing vids and reviews going around, so there’s no point in doing one more, especially since I have no experience in doing one anyway. I’ll just share a few observations and notes below. I’m switching from mainly standard Symbian phones, most recently, the Nokia E75, which I have to say I disliked.  I’ve also been using the iPod Touch as my standard mp3 player/everything-else-device-as-long-as-there’s-wireless.

First glance:

Having gotten used to the 3.5″ screen on the iPod Touch, the 3″ screen estate is rather miserable. Considering that there are some 30,000 (? and growing) apps in the Android Market, 3 screens are not enough estate. Also, I find if you’re the type, like me, to put images of your latest idol craze on your phone, screen estate reduces by a lot more.

– Resistive screen: Not the best choice. I’m not the hugest fan of touch screens, especially with my experience with the LG Viewty and HTC Touch (wrong/empty/incomplete SMSes). So far, the best experience has been the iPod Touch, especially with it’s silky smooth matte screen protector. I’ve tried out the HTC Dream capacitive screen from a friend some time back, and that seems good too.

I’m now looking to protect my GW620, mine still has the tacky protector that comes with all new phones, but there seems to be a lack of screen protectors (and all other accessories) made especially for this relatively unpopular phone.

With the world getting used to the sleek lines of the iPhone and the HTC Android family, this phone looks quite bulky with the curved sides, top and bottom, and the slide-out keyboard. I’m not a fan of the physical aspect of the phone.

Material used feels plasticky and cheap, especially coming from the all-metal Nokia E75. The plastic on the front half seems to be a fingerprint magnet, especially with the 2 hard keys at the bottom (can’t ascertain till I take out the protective plastics). The back is matte plastic, which I like, as it’s not slippery, but I can see it getting scratched very soon as I’m not the gentlest of people with my gadgets.

The phone is also rather heavy, as compared to the E75, probably due to the huge battery that compensates for Android’s power sucking.

This theme is not conducive for long posts, so I’m stopping here for now. My likes and dislikes in the next post. Now back to more Android Market-ing.


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