geekt things 2nd quarter 2009

hmmm, not so bad, 3 months since the last post.

why haven’t I been posting? it’s a bit of a sob story, and me just feeling sorry for myself, since my colleague, an avid food blogger with close to a hundred blog visits a day, laughed at and called it pathetic. just because he serves google and nuffnang ads, and gets a following, and gets a miserly income from those ads.

but geeky things have not been happening much recently, as I’ve been too caught up with work, tv, the net, travels and just plain lazing.

But I did make an attempt, which failed, to visit the PC Show last weekend.  With 4 IT shows each quarter, it doesn’t make any sense that crowds get larger at every show.  After I reached Suntec on Friday evening with friends, I almost immediately decided to give up, bought an iced caffe mocha (forgot about the extra shot!) and left to go eat steamboat.  yes, steamboat, in this freakishly 30+ degree temperature, and al fresco, I’m proud to say.

On the gadget side of things, I’ve been lusting over (what’s new?) a couple of new phones.  Now I’m just torn between buying the LG KC910 Renoir, staying loyal to Sony Ericsson, or getting the Nokia N97 which has been getting rave reviews recently.  but then I haven’t been a Nokia fan for ages, and it’s probably a knee-jerk reaction to all the reviews going around.

LG KC910 Renoir MORE PICTURESNokia N97<br/>MORE PICTURESSony Ericsson Satio (Idou)<br/>MORE PICTURES
Pretty phones, all in a row: LG Renoir, Nokia N97, Sony Ericsson Satio (formerly known as Idou), all courtesy of GSMarena.

The SE collection has been rather pathetic lately, just coming out with many clones of their K and W series.  Although! I’m waiting quite eagerly for the Satio (fomerly known as Idou) to be released in the last quarter of the year. Hope they’ll have the microsite for it!

Other than that, it’s the LG Renoir, which I’ve had my eye on for quite a while.  Had to give up on the Arena, coz of it’s capacitive screen.  I bought the LG Viewty, second hand, just to try out touch screens again, and I’m quite loving it right now.

Basically I’m just lusting over a phone that has touch screen, and wifi. So that, I can be pretentious at a starbucks or during transit at an airport, and go online to much around. Although I don’t really do much when i manage to snag a free terminal at the airport.  does messing around on Facebook and deleting junk messages from Gmail count?

I’ve decided to try and go back to using Flock again, and it seems that Flock 2.5 is still as cool and much faster at starting up.  Will have to try it out on the iBook soon, just to see.

Singnet broadband is really slow this week!

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