How, Sony Ericsson?

Reading the below excerpt on SECentral forum, I’m wondering if I should also part company with Sony Ericsson.  Although I’ve been a long time advocate of SE phones, it’s been hard trying to find a phone I really like.  The new phones they keep releasing are just clones of current or previous ones, and the clam shells (my favourite style) just, well, suck.

Sony Chief Executive Officer Sir Howard Stringer speaks to DIE WELT about competitors, consumer behavior, Google’s lessons and a difficult year with Ericsson.

excerpt of the Interview

Question In some segments you have sought refuge in joint ventures. Sony Ericsson, the mobile phone producer, is currently in decline.
Isn’t it time to part company with Ericsson?

Stringer: It’s certainly been a difficult year, but, buying out a partner is never an easy thing.

Question So you are thinking about it?
Stringer: One of the most important attributes in the digital age is to be nimble and it is hard to be as nimble in a joint venture as it is with your own company, because you’re always engaged in discussion and negotiation; we and Ericsson are always discussing ways of making Sony Ericsson as successful as it possibly can be.

Question Will Sony Ericsson still exist in three years’ time?
Stringer: We have to work together again as we did two years ago or the joint venture will have to find its own solution.

Question That was a diplomatic answer.
Stringer: That was my intention.

The whole interview here.


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