Big Brother’s coming

While Google is churning out successful project after project, and realising it’s mission of making all the information in the world readily available, others feel that it’s slowly turning out to be Big Brother.

Is Google really the Ministry of Truth?  Do they make decisions about the information that, we the users see, read or find?  If they are, then who or what is to say that all the information that we know hasn’t been manipulated or changed in some way?  All our textbooks, novels, documentaries, newspapers, magazines, advertisements have been edited in some way or other, some more than others.

Who’s to say Raffles discovered Singapore?  Who confirms that Lim Bo Seng was really a war hero?  Was Singapore really a haven for pirates?  Do I take the historians’ word for it?  Do we then disbelieve every printed word?  Where do we start, and, where to stop?

NB.  all links in this post, every post before, and probably every post after, was Googled.  Believe at your own risk.


2 thoughts on “Big Brother’s coming

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