i lust…Jun 08

3 months since i’ve lusted over some gadget or other…here we go!

first off, to keep in touch with all the k-dramas i try to catch up on, something from the land of kim-chi, the LG KU990, aka LG Viewty.  First noticed it late last year, when touchscreens were all the rage.  Used in Coffee Prince. It’s a bit old, considering all the recent models LG has been coming up with, but this one’s still pretty sexy…touchscreen!
LG KU990 Viewty
😀 3G, Touchscreen, 5MP camera
😦 no Wifi, the camera is quite slow (played with Flo’s Viewty), and what’s with the dangly stylus?

next, I’ve been a long-time advocate of SE phones, but when are they, or are they even going to, incorporate touchscreens?  I’m quite bored of their candy bar styles, where one looks much the same as it’s predecessor or another.  even their flip phones (I love flip phones!) aren’t very attractive, design-wise.  I was hankering after the Z770 for a while, but here’s the next in line…Z780.

 Sony Ericsson Z780
not much diff from the Z770, just more 3G frequencies (what’s the correct term?), built-in GPS and an MPEG4 player.  still 2MP camera, urghhh

I guess I should be happy that SE is even still churning out flip phones, considering the world’s taste for large screens, touchscreens, GPS et cetera

Here’s something recycled from my March post: the HTC Touch.  Yes, another old model, considering the new stuff HTC has come up with.  But still, old doesn’t necessarily mean bad, it just means 被淘汰 only hehe
HTC Touch

And now, I’ve added on more to my to-buy list.
Agfa ePhoto 1280
Olympus SP-550 UZ.  It looks like a DSLR, but it’s not.  It’s totally digital at 7MP.  But the output is really quite good, and there’s a lot more to play with than my current Finepix.  And with 13.3x optical zoom, i can imagine qh eyes open big big.  My bro got it at an insane S$159 coz it was a display model, and prob coz it’s already been superceded by the 560 and 570 .  But I’m really still considering only.  The weight and bulk of it is really quite off-putting, not to mention it uses 4 AA alkaline batteries.  If I were trigger-happy, I’d probably come back from a trip with a broken back.

But I’m still quite taken with Fujifilm’s cameras, although I’ve only used a Finepix so far.  Friends have spoken highly of the Panasonic Lumix, but I had a cursory tryout, and it seems the best recommendation is the quality of their LCD screen haha.  Photos taken with the Lumix tend to have this cool (as in cold) blue-ish tinge to it.  I still find Finepix images richer in colour.

Agfa ePhoto 1280
Perhaps the Fujifilm Finepix S5700?  7MP and 10x optical zoom

Agfa ePhoto 1280
Or the Fujifilm Finepix S8100fd.  10MP and 12x optical (18x effective) zoom

I can already feel my back breaking, and my bank account wailing out in alarm.  SITEX, anyone?


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