lego, taiwan band, piracy

what do the 3 things have in common?  read on…

doing some research for work, i came across this name, Jesper Just Jensen, director of lego serious play. naturally (but of course!!) something like this requires more serious research (it’s Lego!!!) so I googled for his name and hit upon this Play Up! interview conducted by pool magazine editor-in-chief Helmut Wolf. 

He quotes Paulo Coelho (I’m having trouble finding the actual occurence of the quote) “a child can always teach an adult three things: being happy without reason, always being occupied with something and being emphatic about what you want”. the quote puts a smile on my face for 2 reasons: the first, I would like to be that. the second, and very dumb, reason, it brings to mind 5 taiwanese boys in particular.  why?  I’m sure a few of the mafia aka jm can tell u why

On another note, I wiki-ed Mr Coelho (not for the first time as I’ve been meaning to read The Alchemist for 2 years already), and find out that he’s an Advocate of Piracy!!  woot!!


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