hungry = headache

i get a headache when i’m hungry… as posted by a neuroscience grad student, apparently…

The feeling of hunger is combination of low blood sugar and the resulting
response in your head. This response in your head (brain) is mediated by
the neurotransmitter (signal substance) Serotonin. This substance (serotonin) is involved in a lot of processes, like: sleep, mood, thirst, hunger, etc.
With some people this serotonin system, can cause serious headaches
(migraine) when it is out of balance. In your case it is probably the effect of a sensitive serotonin system, which gives you a headache when you are feeling hungry. Just try to eat regularly.

like that, sibeh unfair lor…want to diet also cannot, want to hunger strike also cannot. and if the bus takes 2 hours to reach home along a rain-drenched-therefore-jam-like-siao orchard->PIE->J.East->J.West, also not my fault right?  cannot punish me like that mah…


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