buy me! buy me!

The green piece of luggage with flowers on it that caught my eye 2 weeks ago is following me around.  I first passed by it at Vivocity and tried valiantly to ignore the calls of ‘buy me, buy me’.  I thought I succeeded.

Yesterday I saw it and another green plainer counterpart at Jurong Point.  I sooo want it and it knows!  It knows!  It’s following me around to make sure I buy it!  I cannot resist!  I shall take Chris Tan’s advice:  I don’t need it, but I must buy it, because it’s green!


One thought on “buy me! buy me!

  1. My pastor said this and i think it is a very good reminder to myself:

    Be “sales-resistant” ie buying things on impulse

    Don’t buy the things you don’t need, with the money you don’t have (ie with credit card) so that to impress the people you don’t like!!!

    so true most of the times.. so very true…

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