new shiny slim toys…oooohhh

Shiny #1

PSP slim and lite
Sony, PlayStation Portable, Slimline PSP, PSP Slim, PSP Lite, PSP Light, PSP 2, PSP-2000, PSP 2K, PSP Slim&Lite

ooohhh I don’t care if it sounds like a ladies’ cigarette. I want one! I’ll buy one after I get back from Tokyo! Once the hard case is out! Because it’s shiny!
Before & After pix  /  Ubergizmo hands-on  /  Jap TVC
Press Conf:

Shiny #2Slim Alu Macbook oooohhh

still a rumour, but enough for me to put my macbook purchase on hold!


One thought on “new shiny slim toys…oooohhh

  1. you shld get it in Japan… should be cheaper… and although it says “slim” its not much slimmer… still bulky… buy DS Lite lah… muahahahahaa….

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