trace asked me where I would like to go tomorrow. i replied ‘i duno, no interesting movies, still feeling sick from the buffet on sun, and u have to avoid all nightspots, so go home sleep lor‘. she asked me if i’m suffering from birthday depression (bdd). … of coz i am la, i’ll turn into an adult tomorrow leh, nabehz.

thinking of this…bo her hay ma ho, but wa lao, sly sim is wat, kuning her, sardin her or ikan bilis?

again trace has to avoid nightspots, and it’s no fun drinking when the only person who’s with you is the designated driver (eh, wait, i thot i gave up drinking). and what if i get rejected at the door becoz st james doesn’t allow entry to fugly people…it might be more malu than getting caught listening to sly sim.


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