playing catchup

been wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this time… yes, yes it’s so cliched, but I’m too tired to think of anything else. In the next 2 weeks, I will need to have:

-designed 2 posters, 1 banner and 3 newsletters;
-found out how to set up and distribute said 3 newsletters to 3 different audiences;
-received quotes and overseen the installation for above posters and banner;
-asked for and received at least 3 design proposals and vetted these proposed proposals; –hantam-ed my vendor for not doing a good job and overseen his rectification, if he even decides to do it at all, and I got no heart to hantam him coz he looks so 沧桑 all the time;
-overseen the last banner being put up;
-thought up a new design for the big ‘tree’;
-proposed and set up at least 3 new promos;
-set up all the new collaterals for the existing places;
-dreamt up the proposal for the next vm;
-bought all materials for said vm and set up proposal
-redone the last 2 sentences if proposal is not accepted
-collate all orders for further collaterals
-tested daily and resolved the website forms issue
-tested daily and resolved my colls’ email problems (tho why this is my problem, i know not)
-completed data-entry and mailers for the crm which averages 100/week

yes, in the next 336 hours, I will need to have done all of the above, plus

-the usual twice a week visits (they are a must!);
-daily phone calls;
-last minute design requests from those over-grown babies;
-as well as watch TV (for which my boss will growl at me) but I miss watching 康熙 and I will sulk if I don’t see 小康 at least once a week ;
-consider whether to watch Transformers and give up considering due to lack of time and money;
-play D2 an hour a day because I stupidly got myself hooked again;
-try to download and play Granada Espada;
-try to pass by a CD shop and fork out money for my Lao Da’s new CD+DVD;
-do research for my yet-to-be-decidednew buys (NDSL? PSP? Sony W200? SLR? Digital?);
-shop for new shoes, clothes and bags before GST and NETs charges increase (jac very kiang leh, fast leg fast hand);
-suffered through the decision that will determine my as-yet unknown future as a confirmed member of this company;
-and try to sleep at least 5 hours daily

I wonder when the renovation works for the other 3 places will start. 😀

Not that it’s not fun playing catchup, since after these 2 weeks, I will look forward to (if I’m not half-dead by then) the JUMP lucky draw (must we go to J8 again??? IMM nearer better wat), Jacky’s concert, and 2 HP events: movie and book. I’ve already changed Sat schedules with my coll so’s I can go collect the book early (7am!) on sat and read it alllll the way through the weekend. I’m still wondering if I should take the Monday off, just in case. Half-Blood Prince already took me 3 days without sleep.

also need to play catchup on the geek world. I seem to have left it far far behind leh. Haven’t been to SLS for months already, and I only went to Funan 2 weeks ago after duno-how-long. Miss it leh, looking at and drooling all the gadgets and thingys that you want but you can’t have, checking out prices, adding, subtracting, planning and finally deciding ‘bo lui la, mai buay’. So far, am still totally clueless on the console scene, but I really do WANT one, key word being WANT, to entertain me during 2-hour long journeys.

Now the warring factions, namely SH and Jac, have made me torn between PSP (bigger screen, mp3s and video! but not so many cutesy games) and NDSL (got more cutesy games and RPGs! but screen so small and who wants to use a stylus to dududu at a small screen? want to dududu muz be like zhen jie, du liao money come!)

I need a new camera as well, seeing that my FujiFinepix may have decided to conk out 4 months before the proposed tokyo trip (autumn leh!). still undecided about what brand to buy, altho the latest Sony ones are not bad (NOT the T20 though!!) and they use MSPD! My W850i and my future PSP can form 1 family liao. But I don’t want to buy into the whole brand thing just yet, so still must think think abit.

Oh and I still haven’t installed Ubuntu yet! I am SO not going to make it even as a Level 1 geek.  Must up at least 10,000 experience points or so I thk.
And so, the catchup story goes on and on and on…


2 thoughts on “playing catchup

  1. i’m not fast enough.. haven’t got shoes yet… muahahahaa…

    no no.. its not only du du du on the small screen… its testing of reaction… its fun.. its like playing mishi bashi (you know the green, red, blue big button game in arcade)… yah its something like that.. brainless but fun… muahahahahahaa…. of course you can play things that uses brain like Brain Age and Brain Academy.. really help improves our brain… and let alone the RPG games that is easier to navigate with a stylus… 😛 and the all time favourite Mario (erm… although i nvr play it myself)… 😛

    plus no point putting video in your game console… cos you have to convert them.. and i guess u won’t have enough space after loading your games… a psp game is normally 1gb+… so a 4 gb mem only allow u less then 10 games… so where got place for videos and mp3?

    so come join the NDSL gang… muahahahahaahahaa….. then we together influence the rest and change from M Mafia to DS Mafia… muahahahhaaaa… *crazy liao*

    anyway on another note… i have check with Ah Jo… she’s not selling… but CM do have friend selling 2nd hand PSP… and my bro just bot one.. so i can help u ask for pricing after you (regretfully) decide to take PSP… 😛

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