blessings required

cb face # 1 smiled at me today, voluntarily, early in the morning. *thunder and lightning*   i thk my face froze when i tried to smile back…lucky never trip and fall down.

cb face # 2 came over to me to talk abt work, and she joked with me, and even pushed me a little while laughing. *thunder, lightning, tsunami, earthquake and volcano* nabeh, thk she tio gong tao.

こわい !!!!!! something very very weird is going on in the office…i scared. *sniff sniff*

so, I’m either going to strike few-million-dollar-TOTO or 4d or whatever (and I will believe in miracles then because I do not buy, nor do I know how to buy TOTO and/or 4D) or going to pick up $3000 from the ground this weekend or i’m gonna get heartily chewed up into minced meat and spat out as dog food by my boss.

got to partner the boss in the stock take next week. 3-mth probation review coming up in 2 weeks. my senior didn’t manage to pass hers 2 weeks ago.  so much lesser chance for me??

Unfortunately I thk my good luck quota for the next 3 mths kena used up by the 2 cb-face-encounters, because I met a sales guy today, damn he was cute and works right across the road, but got no chance to work with him.

so everybody wish me luck. blessings required here.


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