it’s a brand new month! halfway through the year we are, I haven’t achieved anything I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year, but right now i thk i’m living life day to day.

since that’s the case, i’m hoping fervently that my spate of bad luck is over for the week. it is a brand new month after all, so maybe the thunderstorm bo pah kay anymore. am still walking like igor as the foot is throbbing with pain but managed to find a seat in the train at lakeside! miracle of miracles. didn’t sleep or drool or do anything embarassing on the train, although with 18 hours of sleep tucked under my belt since Thursday morning, pple would be killing me if I still slept somemore today. the 63A was miraculously empty today, so didn’t have to fight through a sardine can to alight from the bus. and the best thing to round up the morning : i saw a guy who looks like Stone, complete with small eyes, unruly hair and scruffy khakis 🙂

oh and thanks to chris who jio-ed me to watch Pirates on Wed night and even more for your free tix and started the whole happy partial long weekend. I especially like when I said to her “i love the way Jack Sparrow runs”, and she told me “NO! that’s fleeing, ok!” trust her to come up with the most appropriate adjective, and trust Johnny Depp to be able to bring 1 simple adjective to life.

am not exactly looking forward to JUMP when my ankle and knee remains at 40%, but i thk the 5 of them will bring a fun show as usual and it’ll be a fun weekend out nonetheless.

Buddha boh bee me and the other mafias to remain happy all the way to (at least, if not more) the end of the month!


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