give me a gay man anytime

It’s a week and a half later, and I’m not so sure anymore.  The bosses were out of town this week, so I spent some time gossiping gathering information and it seems that this ain’t the best place to be.

Female boss aside, and yes, she comes with all the stereotypical female boss quirks and idiosyncracies and whims and whatnots, what’s worse are all the 1-piece-face women over at the other room.  Admittedly, I have a 1-piece-face that could beat the socks off any of them if I wanted to, but it hasn’t killed me yet to flash them a fake smile and talk in a friendly tone through gritted teeth, so would it kill them?  I truly fear for their lives as they strut about on their heels and wedges while their noses are stuck so high up in the air.  And geez, my dear with the Cleopatra hairstyle, it’s only paper, expensive, but still just paper.  nabeh.

Yes, I’ve made a few mistakes, some even major.  But hey, if merchandising tells me one date, and my manager tells me another, while boss lady tells me yet another, which am I to take?  Ladies, make up your minds.  and communicate, communicate, communicate.  That’s what your legs and mouth phones emails are for.   So that you don’t have to look at each others’ 1-piece-face while communicating.  Ian would have a hissy fit if I said this to his face…I miss him and his hissy fits.

There’s no documentation, no procedures, no checklists, no communication, no logic so to speak of, and no housekeeping in the server for the past several years.  These women spend hours everyday in meetings, and come out to dessiminate different information to their different teams, only to go into another 2hour long meeting tomorrow and realise that they did so.  What the fuck is going on?

Give me 1 gay man, no no, 20 gay men, complete with hissy fits, bitchy comments, foot stamping and PMS, or 20 foul-mouthed, chain-smoking ah bengs any time…i think life would be easier that way.


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