life in general

Everytime i use this phrase, ‘life in general‘, the first thought that comes to my mind is Depeche Mode’s Somebody, a song that accompanied me through several years of teen and adult-hood. The second thought is Nelson, who was a DM fan and and because he used to answer 90% of our comments with a song.

It’s been a month since I started work. Do I love it? Yes! Do I hate it? Yes! Human nature la. If life were perfect, I’d be Jamie Cuaca and not nicthegeek. Budden Jamie Cuaca doesn’t know the mafia or mayday or wubai, so would life have been so perfect?

I spend almost 4 hours a day on trains and buses, fighting thousands of other worker bees early in the morning for walking speed, standing space and breathing air(con) [CAN SMRT IMPROVE YOUR A/C SYSTEM PLEAZEE?!], and then lao-nua-ing on bus 154 back home resisting the urge to scream at the NP/SIM students to shuddup and to hurrythefuckup and to stopalightingateveryfuckingbusstopalongtheway.

Working with a whole bunch of females is torturous, and having a female boss is an experience in itself, my store uncle seems to hate me, I dunno what to say to the other colleauges, and I’ve had to develop an even thicker skin to talk to sales staff and vendors and make cold calls. But I want the experience, I need the experience and it’s still fun nonetheless. Granted, I still have not managed to change my mindset totally, because I’m still too used to working with Ian and L. Of course, I also need to buck up a bit. only a month in, and I’m already falling behind. Looking forward to more late nights.

But other than not having time to watch TV/watch DVDs/go online/play Zeus & Poseidon/download stuff/play mahjong, I’m pretty happy with life at the moment.

Why? Because mama brought qh, me, sh and flo to an ulu ulu place to eat yummylicious crabs yesterday and celebrate flo’s bday in advance at the same time. [Ms Chris decided to fly our aeroplane (is it because she’s worked at airport for too long??) and go swimming in her bikini with baby instead (note to ms chris: remember to wear ur bikini to the grasshoppers concert next week!!)] Why is that place doubly ulu, as in ulu ulu? Because once a upon a time, nicthegeek went there to take a 7pm exam paper, and not knowing how to go back home afterwards, spent more than an hour on a bus that circulated through the darkest streets of ulu northern Singapore. mafia still can ask me why I never call SH…haha, but it’s the same question i put to qh when she mentioned the ’99 sentosa concert.

The black pepper crabs were so delicious that even my shirt decided to have a taste and mama can only shake her head. Haven’t really had good crabs for a while now, so the fat crab claws filled to the brim with firm white flesh that fell out oh-so-easily and the smoky black pepper sauce and red/sweet/sour chilli sauce were a treat. Even the har-chiong-gai and dou miao were much more delicious then other zhi char stalls I’ve been to. Very worth the trip and the amount we paid. If not for 5 xiao-di’s and the distance involved, I would probably give up xhs altogether.

We also managed to find a cozy hangout place that is great for month-ends when most of us are facing cash shortages, but that is still subject to approval. I thk Flo is quaking in her shoes as she reads this sentence…

All in all, life in general is fine. I’m looking forward to 3 sexy uncles next week and 5 xiao-di’s in 2 weeks time. The complaints and grumblings shall come in time…stay tuned. Other than that, my most important mission now is to lose weight. seriously. and then maybe DM’s Somebody would mean a lot more. Can someone tell me where to take good and cheap pilates classes?

She will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
She’ll hear me out
And wont easily be converted


4 thoughts on “life in general

  1. if u found the pilates classes please inform me too kay…

    so far i tried at frontier CC.. the instructor is not too bad just find her a bit lor soh and talking more than teaching…

    am considering going to SSC when i have more time and money….

    but if u r rich enough consider, my ballet teacher use to do it over there and its really good.. but for the price please do not fall off ur chair… heehehee

  2. is the lor soh one called janice? if yes, i can’t stand her 😛 but ya, she’s quite good.

    btw, i fell off my chair, sigh… so far, there’s no good AND cheap place, unless you wanna go jitterbugs swingapore, but their schedule is not for me.

    my next solution is buy the book and do at home -_-

  3. yes the lor soh janice… hahahahahaa…

    i think attitude is better then jitterbugs… just plain expensive… i’m considering going to SSC… wanna go together?

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