of uncles and aunties

You know how people always say that the teens are a very funny age, where one is neither a child nor an adult. What happens then when you reach your 30’s? Are you an uncle/auntie? Or do you still force persuade ask (with clenched fists) your friends’ children to call you gor-gor/jie-jie?

I was in a cab with my manager yesterday, who is an extremely nice person albeit a little auntie-ish, when she started addressing the cabbie as ‘uncle’. Sitting in the passenger seat, I had realised he was rather young to be termed ‘uncle’, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. Not so the cabbie, who after the 3rd or 4th ‘uncle’ said “eh, I’m only 31”. I then started staring in confusion at the ID badge on the windscreen which had a blurry photo and and IC number which started with S72… at which point the driver hurriedly told me “that’s my brother”. We also found out he has his own event management company (I forgot the name, oops, but i thk quite well-known), his colleagues call him ‘uncle’ too, he and his brother take leave to drive the cab while his father goes on holiday, and his partner goes crazy while he’s on leave. oh he also has an older sis, who’s around 41 years old.

err ok…wah uncle, nobody talk to you whole day isit? I think I now know more about you than I do some of my friends,. However I do apologise for assuming you were just another typically disgruntled singaporean cabbie. What’s with the cabbies nowadays? first chris meets one who wants to matchmake her with his son, now this. driving is very lonely business, is it?

BUT that’s not my point. My point is very serious. At what point do you turn from being gor-gor/jie-jie into uncle/auntie. (But no, I obviously do not address any cabbie as gor-gor, unless of course my brother decides to take up cab-driving one day) I know that I still mentally tear my hair out when anybody older than 8 years old calls me ‘auntie’. How can I be, when the Guardian UK test tells me that I am an

Adolescent: You should have realised something was wrong when both you and your 14-year-old nephew received the same Christmas presents. Put down the Xbox controls and pick up something you plan to read past page three.

Take the test: Are you a kidult?


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