of ways to save money

I went for supper just now at the 老地方.  The main attraction was there, but my mind wasn’t on that, because I decided to go drink beer with S instead.  As I smsed her, beer is more important than food.  In order to save money, don’t eat. 

On my way out, I met my bro who decided to give me a lift in his retired ah beng GTI.  save money again 🙂

At supper, I snuck some noodles from their plate, and mama spared me a couple pieces of crab meat yumz so they decided that I only needed to pay for the beer. 

After the main attraction left, we hung around chatting just because we are 讲义气 one, and go there to eat, not gawk.  mafians, dun snigger, just agree, k?

As we left, I asked S to take the nite bus and so she agreed.  We went up the bus and I tapped my card case.  Hearing beeps, I went off to get a seat.  When I reached my stop, I tapped my case 4 times.  Not hearing a beep, I thought I was deaf due to the earphones stuck in my ears.

Getting down the bus, a thought dawned on me.  I took out my ezlink card at MacD’s yesterday to tap for points and never put it back into the card case again.

OOPS!  I saved money on bus fare!!! 😀

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