of horoscopes, believe it or not

Last week, when I read in fiona’s 8days and iweekly, my horoscopes said that I would probably need to make a major decision on Tuesday and that I should postpone the decision-making to Wednesday.

Yesterday, as I attended the second interview for a job I really wanted for an organization I wasn’t that keen on, I shamelessly thought that the horoscopes were right and TPTB were on my side for once. Not so lucky. The 2nd interviewer didn’t seem to like me that much.

Today so far, the most major decision I’ve made is whether my brother should buy GITS:2nd gig in Brunei for $11 or not.

QH is asking me if I’m interested in an opening in her company. I really want to work in that company, but the post offered is in logisitics, ugh. I don’t want to crawl back to that. Well, never mind, I shall take the rest of the day to decide and sms her tomorrow morning, her handphone seems to be useless as a communication device after lunch-time anyway.

I am also downloading ubuntu, after reading about it in a chick geek’s blog. If it manages to finish downloading today, maybe switching to unbuntu or not will be my most major decision today.


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