of chinese new year

I’m falling out of the blogging mood again recently. It’s always so strangely perverse with me. When I’m busy with work and life and there’s not much time to sit in front of the PC typing away, there’s always something to blog about. And yet, now when I’m free as a bird (and as poor as one too), I don’t have the heart or the energy to blog. Oh, I make up blog entries in my head all the time, but it just seems too much work to type it all out, and especially so if the mother wants to peer over your shoulder every so often at what’s on the screen. I need to install A.I. in my head to instant-blog my thoughts, I think.

The last few weeks leading up to CNY has been fun. I went shopping… again. 🙂 Shopping makes me happy even though I’m a wanna-be geek, so mama and fiona and I went to town at least twice over the past 2 weeks just to live the tai-tai life: shopping in uncrowded stores at 11am in the morning and enjoying the pleasure of not queueing for fitting rooms. I swear to you, it is fun. I almost didn’t have the heart to attend interviews during the week before CNY, even though I’m desperate for work.

I also took some time out of my non-hectic schedule to help the mother make pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit. The pineapple tarts were surprisingly easy to do and turned out really yum, and so far have gotten good comments from shir, fiona and mama. The bangkit didn’t turn out that great but I now know why people charge exorbitant prices for a tiny bottle of bangkits. I think next year I’ll make the mother try out love letters and peanut cookies, and then we’ll bake our own new year goodies in future. This way can save more money for bak kwa!

CNY this year wasn’t as bad as the previous years were. Something about the genetic makeup of this geek’s family makes it difficult for us to enjoy family get-togethers. The geek’s father makes the mother really mang zang, who then starts nagging and gets the geek really mang zang, who then argues with the father who is intent on spoiling every manicure that the geek gets every new year … and the vicious cycle continues. So after last year’s shouting match with the father who spoilt a $30 mani, this year no mani. Even cleaning off the polish on CNY eve after dinner earned me a glare and a grumble from the father 😐 Next year must find instant-on-instant-dry-can-do-in-the-car type of polish 😕

Other than that, nothing major actually happened. I didn’t even argue with the father when he told me at 3pm on the 1st day of CNY that I must go visiting, without new clothes or underwear or makeup or nail polish. Lucky I had new red color flip-flops. I have a feeling it was because the crazy bitch didn’t come and jinx us this year oops, must try not to say things like that, I have to achieve high EQ, you know. I even got a couple of interviews and a request to submit a writing sample a few days just before CNY, so am crossing my fingers… this year of the pig is supposed to be my and Noelle’s year. My apologies to fiona again though for screwing up the shopping day.

I used to love CNY as a kid, coz you got to wear new clothes, drink fizzy drinks and stuff your face full of can-only-find-once-a-year goodies. Then in my teens, it became just another public holiday, and the only good thing was you got extra spending money if your relatives were loaded and generous. (loaded only no use, must be generous as well)   Then I hated CNY coz I grew up and the last-time-not-very-generous relatives became positively stingy, and I also had to put up with the got-boyfriend-anot-when-getting-married rigmarole, especially when younger cousins were getting attached left and right. Then I loathed CNY for several years coz the mother just went ballistic 3 weeks before CNY and started nagging, scolding and black-facing everybody (ie me since it was only me and her at home) and didn’t stop complaining until 3 months after CNY.

Strangely, I like CNY again. It’s a fun season and gives you the most legitimate reason to start shopping in October of the previous year, and not stop till a month after CNY is over. You still get to stuff your face with goodies (I swear I will start excercising next week) and $50 worth of ang baos is still better than nothing. At least I don’t suffer the annual bleeding of having to give them away muahahahaha

So CNY holidays is almost over. There’s another 12 days more, but no more hols, at least, for the people who have work to go back to. But this year is the year of the Pig and horoscopes say that the rat will do very well in career and finances this year (no romance tho… well you can’t have everything if not TPTB will zap you with a lightning bolt). I haven’t lao-ed any yu sheng yet though *pout* Once I lao yu sheng, I will look forward to next year’s CNY circus. 😀


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