of achievements, good intentions and next years

Every year, at the beginning of the year, I start out with good intentions to achieve something worthwhile within 12 months. Every year around this time, I tell myself, never mind, there’s still next year.

Yes, there used to be always next year, but in 8 more months, I will be 35 years old. It’s over! It hurts to spell it out, but I will be middle-aged. I will have to settle down and become an honest-to-goodness auntie! cue thunder and lightning

I told myself once I had to achieve something by 35. So far, that something is nowhere in sight. The following 20 will have to take the place of that dream.

1) write a short story of at least 2500 words
2) get a job in comms or editorial or publishing or die trying
3) get totally piss drunk at least once
4) read 失乐园
5) take up another foreign language or learn to speak the other 2 more fluently
6) buy myself flowers once a month (daisies)
7) lose 1kg a month
8 ) pay off all my credit cards and maintain $0 debt
9) write up my business plan
10) learn to grow a herb or vegetable
11) walk home from town at night
12) snorkel in langkawi or phuket
13) go back to Redang
14) visit Japan or Korea
15) try black and white photography
16) gain better EQ and be less sarcastic (except about myself)
17) plan my 5-year plan
18) read all of Shakespeare’s plays
19) camp out at Changi Beach Park for 1 weekend
20) not run away if I meet another celebrity
21) Blog about the above experiences once I have achieved them.

Can I do all of that? I don’t know. I’m not a motivated person, I prefer to go through life painlessly, unfortunately that life is already half-over. cue more thunder and lightning

I will do at least half the list, I hope. If you see me somewhere, give me a prod now and then, won’t you. 8)


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