When I’m bored

I probably should be doing something a lot more constructive these days, like looking for a job, or cleaning up the house, or looking for a job, or trying to excercise, or looking for a job.  But nooo, a deadbeat like me only ends up brushing off cobwebs from old games like Zeus and Pharaoh and now Simcity.

While searching online for more tips and tricks on how to build a better city, (like it’s a matter of life and death right??), I came across Simcity Formosa.  That’s so cool!  Imagine being able to build your own little Taiwan.

So instead of building a tiny little city from scratch, I thought it’d be fun to plop in buildings from the Asian tile set to try to recreate a miniature Shihlin or Hsimending.  I ended up with something that looks like a mishmash of Taipei streets and Hong Kong’s shopping area.

There’s even a Neihu Plaza (with a 5) and a Kwang-Hwa Computer Mart in there somewhere ^_^.  This is how bored constructive I can get.  More constructiveness here.

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