I finally made the move over here to last Saturday, because there’s just so many times you can get fed-up with Blogger. Right now, wordpress works beautifully, albeit rather slowly (but, hey, it’s free, isn’t it). Pair it up with Flock (sweeeeet browser that provides blogging tools and Photobucket or Flickr at your fingertips) and with Ecto (compose blog posts anywhere on or offline, with full functionality and it’s not that expensive either), and blogging just gets a whole lot more stress-and-frustration-free. Believe me, I’ve run the gamut of free blogging tools from Blogger to Firefox plugin Performancing to Ecto to Flock’s in-built blogging tool, and you do get what you pay for (yes yes, I love cliches).

Of course then I have to explain why I have actually been blogging less…oh never mind, it’s not like there’s hundreds of readers out there hanging onto my every word.

Why here then? why not xanga or livejournal or even *shudder* myspaces? Because gives all the fun and functionality of running your own blog (like with WordPress.ORG) but without the cost and frustration of having to find a paid webhost and installing the program only to find yourself tearing your hair out because you’re not as technically inclined as the rest of the blogging world (no, I’m not a geek yet, however much I’d like to be one).

I mean, who wouldn’t like to organize their blogs into categories (in fact I may have gone overboard on the Categories somewhat, so am in the midst of cleaning that up), who would like to add technorati tags to their post without tangling with HTML colding, who wouldn’t want to have the freedom to put up anything you want on the sidebar (widgets rule!) without again having to tangle with changing and re-coding the template every single time (admittedly there aren’t as many templates to choose from, but hey, the idea is to write blog posts, no?) and who wouldn’t like to be able to password-protect a particular rant post now and then from prying eyes?

So, right now, I’m here to stay. I’ve moved my blog waaay too many times over the past few years, so I’d like to think that nicthegeek is staying till either nic gets rich enough to pay for her own webhost or nic gets tired of blogging.

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