Hazy days of summer / All quiet in the morning

Haven’t been blogging a lot lately due to the stupid job. Some backdated photos here that I never had the time to put up. I’m considering subscribing to M1’s Mobile Blogging, wondering if $5.25 a month is worth it.

Hazy AYE, on my way home after a whole day of moving warehouse/office, 14th Oct, 18:39

the quietest I’ve ever seen the MRT at, 21st Oct Sunday morning 6.49am, on my way to work, there was probably less than 10 passengers on the whole train at Lakeside station.

then again, I’ve NEVER seen the MRT on a Sunday morning before. Anytime I’m awake on Sunday mornings around the post-dawn hours, it would have meant (a) whole night out with the tireless mafia or (b) whole night gaming on the PC 🙂


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