14 days since I handed in my resignation letter
12 days since I haven’t had the mood to work
7 days since I sent out my last application letter
6 days since I went to make my new spectacles [and 6 hours since I collected them]
5 days since Zidane head-butted Mazeratti and Italy went on to take home the World cup
1 day since my first 2 and last 2 interviews

3 days till my next and 2nd interview for a job I don’t want
4 days till I board the plane for 6 days in Taipei
12 days till I hear from the other interviewer about the job that I want
13 days till 阿喜’s birthday
14 days till my last day of work
19 days till my official last day and my birthday
20 days till my first day of unemployment

should I laugh or should I cry or should I do both?

I shall do both, I think


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