unemployed again…finally

they finally made the announcement today, to the shock of many of the more junior people. Unfortunately, IMHO, the announcement wasn’t made in the best possible way or with the most possible sensitivity. Not enough EQ and too much coldness was involved, but that’s them for you. I’m used to it, I guess.

Just as unfortunately, my ‘predictions’ and requests as usual went unheeded by them. What I expected to happen this week actually happened, even though I didn’t really expect it to actually come true. Again, they were caught unawares and had to deal with the news, but not quickly enough. What he wanted to be a month’s warning turns out to be less than a week’s, despite my pleas with him to release the news 3 weeks prior. What great planning.

3 have been taken away already, what fast action, what sympathy. So far, the rest have been left bewildered and unsure of their future. Somebody who wanted something got turned down, for somebody else who probably can’t qualify. Somebody else who isn’t asking for anything much, is not being granted even that.

I requested for an option to be retrenched, and it was refused. but to stay in such a place where such decisions are made, contracts are signed and plans are made, it pretty unthinkable now. And to stay in a place when my credibility has been destroyed by their on-the-spot decision making…my pride is not going to allow it. I want money, i love money, but I want ‘face’ too. Since the option has been refused to me, the only other option I have is to hand in my notice…some time this week I guess. I wanted tomorrow, but N persuaded me to wait till Friday. Well, a few days doesn’t matter I guess.

So, I am going to Taipei at the end of July. I am coming back to Singapore a week before my birthday, probably bankrupt. I will be rendered ‘unemployed’ and ‘bankrupt’ a week before I turn 35. should I be a dish clearer at a foodcourt, or a hawker centre?


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