[WWA] 1

WWWA = Weight Watchers Anon.

Got some news from Lee Chin about this doctor she’s been seeing, and how she lost 15kg in 6 months on the meds provided by the doctor. So, I decided that it wouldn’t be a great loss to try it out. After all it only takes an hour to get from my place to Tampines, and another hour back, oh and the 3 hours we spent queueing up there yesterday, early on a Sunday morning.

The doc provided me with a 1-month supply of 2 types of pills, one an appetite suppressant, the other a fat burner/melter. My B.P. was a bit up yesterday, so the doc told me to take the A.S once every alternate morning (as opposed to every day in LC’s case), and the F.B/M twice a day. The effects of the A.S, as described by LC, are basically sleeplessness, high energy level etc, obviously something you don’t want with an already high B.P. The effects of the F.B/M should have been more trips to the toilet.

I took one of each starting this morning, and another of the F.B/M 10 minutes ago. So far, I have not had the urge to go to the toilet. I think after 34 years, my fats are TOO STUBBORN TO BUDGE, OH NOOOO!!!

The A.S was a bit more scary. Monday is usually a fast-moving day for us at the office, and today was ultra-stressful with N transferred out, W and F acting out some sort of attitude, 2 new staff with nobody but me to train and the IT team on my ass to spend 3-4 hours a day testing out the new system they were programming. So my basic reaction from 9-6 today, after taking the A.S, i felt like the few times when i had over-dosed on caffeine, super-jumpy and stressed the whole day, my mind felt like a mass of hyper jumping beans and I was thirsty. Then again it could have just been the stress of the day, so at the moment, it could be that the meds HAVE NO EFFECT ON ME, OHHH NOOO!!!!

I was hungry this morning, and I am still now, although currently have no urge to look for food (of course I could have been too stressed from work and too tired from working till 10pm just now), but then again, I haven’t really had much urge to eat for the past few weeks, so I can’t really tell what the effects of the meds are, arghhh.

However, I am determined to stick with this at least till July when I head over to Taipei, so I’m making myself blog here under [WWA] posts to see if I make any headway.

8th May:
1 A.S
2 F.B/M
1 kopi-o kosoong
1 kopi with milk (I already had over-dose effects before I drank this)
2 soon kuey (unfortunately I forgot to ask the lady to hold the sweet sauce, crap)
1 pack PLAIN crackers
1 cube of pineapple
1 slice honey-dew
1 wadeh


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