old friends

Met up with Lee Chin today, to head down to Tampines for some … *private* business *g*. she’d apparently spotted me at JE MRT, while she was headed back to her place in Yew Tee, and I had just collected my V802SE. It’s fun meeting up with old friends nowadays, when their kids are bigger and they can afford to spend some time out with just the girls. Lots of news from her end, but unfortunately we’d both lost touch with the people from Fairfield, who are apparently very good at being and staying Lost. ah well, you can’t keep all your friends with you for life, I guess.

I also saw Nelson on the same day, while I was headed down to Funan with Flo and SH. He still looks the same *g*, albeit a bit less grumpy. haha it was rebellion when we were in our teens and early twenties, but it seems to turn into grumpiness once you hit your mid-twenties. I didn’t stop to chat with him since he looked like he was in a great hurry, just flashed a grin at him and his surprised look, then went on my way. I think he did want to stop and talk tho, oops.

It seems that I’m this way now when i see old friends on the streets. They may or may not have recognized me, but even though I’ve recognized them, either by name or just by sight, I don’t make an effort to approach them or chit-chat to catch up. I’m actually kinda afraid that they (a) may not recognize me or (b) couldn’t be arsed to recognize me, which is why they didn’t acknowledge me in the first place or (c) might find it a bother to actually patronize me and do some catching up with me.

I have a wonderful outlook on life, and a great opinion of humankind in general…


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