suay to the ultimate degree: what's happening?

I’ve been suay suay suay and suay for the past 2 months. what’s happening?

the camera on my motorola E398 spoilt over the CNY weekend, and so far I have not been bothered to bring it down to Plaza Singapura for check-ups or repairs.

The E398 also went bonkers for a while last month, when I dropped it on the floor and the screen turned into a mirror image…on April Fool’s Day! And I accused W of sending me a virus causing that too.

I was sick with flu over the entire CNY weekend, causing me financial depression as the source of CNY wealth (not much in recent years anyway) was cut off.

I broke my cool black Maxwell House mug in late Mar. the mug has been with me since my poly days, which makes it at least 14 years old, give or take a couple. It must have been coated with grime and worse from all those years, who knew, since it was black, but I loved it. It was the only one I used. *sigh*

I have seen at least 3 dead rats this year alone and several more live scurrying ones, all within a 300m radius of my block. today’s was the worse, coz the body was flattened and almost dried up, but the tiny head with the pointy ears and beady black eyes *open!!* was still there. *puke* What made it worse was whenever I walked home from JP, I always walked on the other side of the road, never on this side where I saw the rat today. what the hell??!! AND, being born in the year of the Rat, I am taking this as a omen of death.

I spent most of my free surfing time in march researching my HK itenary for the April trip, copying maps, checking out places I’d never been, memorising bus routes and numbers. And I printed out the 9 pages at work on the day before I was to depart. Cleverly, leaving the office that day, I left the whole stack on my desk. My only option was to ask N to email it to me, and I printed it out again in HK, spending an extra HK$9 on it. not much, you say? well, it adds up.

I bought the wrong iPod crystal case for $39 at ladies’ street during the trip, and went back on my last day there to exchange it, only to discover the hawker swore up and down the entire street that I hadn’t bought from her stall. After insisting and arguing with her, she grudgingly let me exchange it for a $30 silicone case. her profit, my loss, i told her black face. and you see, it adds up.

In the meantime, my octopus card, freshly topped up with $50, ready for my $33 trip back to the airport got stolen or dropped out of my bag. On ladies’ street, I decided to not waste my time looking for it.

It, however, meant I had to dig out another $33 for the bus trip, out of my last $50, and left me with no money for food and drinks at the vast airport where the ‘wife biscuits’ beckoned. It also meant that without money to spend, I decided to head to the airport 4 hours ahead of time, instead of my planned 2. Believe me, HKIA is not that big.

Although i was glad to leave the steaming, sauna-fied city that shouldn’t have been in the middle of April. I was looking forward to cool weather with my thicker tee shirts, but unfortunately got stuck with a week-long heat wave that left me perspiring and thirsty all week long.

When I came back to office in mid-Apr, I was met with the news that mgmt had decided to transfer N out of our dept into heading another one. *sigh* that was the post promised to me 2 years back. I’m happy for her, they’ve even considered her for the recently-vacated managerial post, but she just wasn’t ready. But I can see more and more clearly that mgmt will NOT be offering me any sort of promotion, parallel or otherwise, at any time in the future. several talks with L has confirmed this. I’m not sure whether his ‘slips of the tongue’ are inadvertent, but I really don’t think so, he’s not that careless. Questioning him has also led to nowhere, as questions about ‘my future in the company’ has led to blank looks and shoulder shrugs. I must take them as hints that it’s time for me to leave this company.

last week, we got stuck with the sudden news that our customer may have decided to cut us out of the picture for good. mgmt is scrambling to scrape together a new proposal up to the customer, BUT, heading in the wrong direction. I haven’t opened my mouth to ask about it, as opening my mouth seems to have done no good over the past 4 years. Unfortunately the service manager dealing directly with them is going AWOL as calls with him last week have led to several ‘I don’t knows’ (I could almost imagine him shrugging his skinny shoulders) and ` ‘hmms’. Today was just complete radio silence…well he turned up on my boss’ mobile, but that just shows sooo much committment to the matter. My suspicions is he is about to fly the coop, and if he is going to do so, I should be making some quick plans too. I have no inclinations to be retrenched at this moment of personal financial crisis.

oh, and last week, the volume knob dropped off my bass. *crap* It dropped off in my bag when I was headed for my lesson, and I turned up in front of Lester with one knob off the bass, ugly…

Yesterday, i spent my entire progress package on a new, well 2nd or 3rd hand V802SE from somebody in yahoo auctions. it was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. today as I walked back from lunch, i dropped it on the road. the plastic facelift now has a dent, and the metal corner is scratched.

right now, it’s 18 hours away from my next lesson, and I have hardly got 2 hours practice in since last week. *omg*

suayness to the ultimate degree…and it seems to have picked up the pace since I moved to this blog. why do I do this to myself???


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