Hong Kong, 4th to 10th April 2006 – Day 1

Finally made it onto the plane, it’s quite full despite being such an early flight. So many people going on holiday???

The best part is I get stuck with this bunch of teenagers, 3 behind, 1 beside, who seem to be 1st time fliers. At least the guy beside me is. Luckily, the seat between us is empty, giving a bit of respite throughout the 3.5 hour trip. It was irritating at first, but hearing their excited comments, it brought back the excitement of my past trips, especially my 1st 2 trips to HK.

With all that, I got a bit sorry that I had asked for a window seat, depriving the kid beside me, a definite 1st time flyer the chance of sitting there. He had to keep asking his friends behind him to take pictures of the scenery outside 😛 But my sympathy was also tempered by his idiot friend behind me who fidgeted, got up, sat down, kicked the seat, opened and closed the meal tray violently, and all around irritated me throughly as I tried to regain my deprived sleep from a few hours before.

Relief did not come when we finally touched down. The plane stopped very far from the main terminal, meaning we had to take a coach. How long has it been since I have done that? I think I only did that on my 1st flight out of Singapore 😛 Why no relief, you ask? HK is HOT, H-O-T, HOT. I knew that there was a warm front coming in, but I didn’t expect the weather to be that muggy *bleah* It’s like the middle of summer, and the best thing is the kids are still in their winter/spring school uniform *urgghhh* waves of sympathy for them.

The nice thing about the coach is that it stops right beneath the customs counters, just 1 escalator ride up, saving the long walk from the last gate that Jetstar usually seems to stop at. As I approached the customs counter, (nice short queue) the officers seemed to be in a pretty good mood and were chit chatting away, while still doing their job quite efficiently. It struck me then that, even though I barely know a word of Cantonese, hearing Cantonese spoken around me gave me a sense of coming home again. hahaha, weird? I guess so.

Thank god for bus air-conditioning, but other forms of relief did not come when I checked in at the hotel after taking the 40 minute bus ride from the airport. I discovered an unwelcome visitor. What is it about the change in air pressure that affects my body that way, presenting me with a 7-day visit (just nicely coinciding with my 7-day trip) that I was not prepared to handle? *damn*

Oh well, what can you do? After cleaning up, thank god for cold water, I decided to give a call to M1 Bar and Lounge to go collect my ticket, after all this *was* the main reason for this trip. If anybody who reads this knows Angel who works at M1 Bar and Lounge, my kudos and ever-lasting appreciation to her 🙂 After getting her on the line and telling her my surname, I asked her if she remembered me, and she immediately told me, ‘of course! Had I reached HK already?’. I then made arrangements to go and see her, and hopped on bus 9 and headed down to TST to collect my ticket.

The place wasn’t that difficult to find after all, situated right opposite Guangdong Hotel on Prat Avenue. Collecting my tix from Angel, pretty with a great service attitude, was a breeze. She even told me that the show would start at 10pm, but the fans would probably start forming queues around 7.30pm, and they would start letting people in around 9pm or so. Nice of her!! I am SO coming for the next WDO 🙂

Anyway, I didn’t do much for the rest of the night, just wandered around TST, bought a few tee-shirts, had a cold dessert and headed back to Mongkok around 9pm. Ladies’ Street has become more of a tourist trap than ever, lots of ang-mohs or guai-los heading down it left and right bargaining for fake branded handbags and ‘exotic’ accessories *sigh* I did buy a iPod casing (wrong style unfortunately) and a Vespa tee. (pictures will be u/led later!)

One point to note, if you’re an M size and above, it’s better to shop for clothes in HK than in BKK. It was a relief to find clothes that actually fitted me, especially the export sales and night market tee-shirts 😀

Didn’t do much for the rest of the night. Had my customary supper of street food and hot dessert, then headed back to my hostel, where I fell asleep pretty early. I had actually intended to vist KK the next morning, but suddenly discovered it was Ching Ming, so had to give up my plans. I desperately needed a sleep-in to cure my dark eye rings anyway!!!


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