wild day out or tame night in?

I plucked up my courage the other day :p and called up M1 Bar and Lounge. No, it’s not some pub opened by Singapore’s M1. It’s a pub in TST, Kowloon, HK. They’re hosting Wu Bai’s Wild Day Out performance next month on Apr 6th.

A very nice and polite lady named Angel answered the phone and my hesitant questions in my even-more-hesitant Cantonese. The result was that she offered, yes, offered to set aside a HK$188 ticket for me for the show, without asking for any sort of deposit or identification. She did ask for my phone number, but even after hearing it was a Singapore number, still agreed to set aside the tic for me, and asked me to call her again on the 4th or the 5th, which was when I told her I would be reaching HK.

Do you get that kind of service in Singapore, from a pub? Not even close.

So right now, I have no plane tickets and no hotel reservations, but I have a ticket to see my 老大 on Apr 6th, in Hong Kong.

what the hell am I thinking… 😀


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