rock no more?

Listening to: Fort Minor’s Remember The Name

Once upon a time, I declared that I hated hip-hop and that I wouldn’t listen to it. Once upon a time, I thought that hip-hop was just a lot of trash. Today 3 out of the 4 albums I’m currently listening to are hip-hop.

I was chatting with boh the other day and we got to talking about music, as usual. He told me that he was going back more to English and Jap music, while I told him that I had mostly stopped listening to rock music coz I was disillusioned by it. Even Marla was asking what happened to the wubai discussion board. I didn’t reply her because I didn’t want to tell her that I just couldn’t be bothered. All the things that I’ve seen and heard and experienced over the past few years have changed the way I look at the rock music.

Rock seems to have become the new pop. It’s no longer about the attitude and the rebellion. It’s all about looks and making headlines and loads of money. There’s a lot of good-looking guys running around on stage with layered hair, torn jeans and a guitar, playing a few practiced riffs while offering meaningless platitudes to their hordes of fans. Off-stage, the hordes are all disgustingly cutesie-pie teenage fans screaming their names and asking for meaningless autographs after meaningless autograph while spending their parents’ or their own hard-earned cash on useless merchandise (2 tee-shirts, fine; 6 cartoony tee-shirts and a useless plastic folder? puhleezzz) and spouting inane remarks along the lines of ‘he’s sooo cute‘. What happened to the music? What happened to ‘
don’t let the man get you down
‘? How can people be more concerned about who he’s dating or where they’re flying to now rather than how the new album sounds?

Oh, I’m not some professional musician or audiophile or zealous fanatic, so I can’t comment on the industry but the whole experience has changed for me as a fan. It’s not fun anymore. And no, it’s not the politics, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s just that the whole fan-scene is so warped and twisted even without the politics, that’s what makes it so miserable and grim. Everything is twisted. Even friendships are made or broken because of which group you listen to or don’t, which is the silliest thing I know of. I am at the point where I’m thinking of selling off my bass guitar…I’ll never make it anyway. I just have to go to HK to tell him about my decision and see what he says, well, not that he’ll care one way or the other.

At least now, nobody I know listens to hip-hop. Nobody I know are fans of Eminem or Linkin Park or Fort Minor. Let’s keep it this way, shall we?

PS. Remember to catch Fort Minor in Singapore! Mike Shinoda is an awesome musician whether with LP or FM. It’s a pity it isn’t the outdoor thing that Linkin Park was, but $68!!! hahahaha die also must go, okay?! I do hope Chester’s coming 😛


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