what is management for?

for me to scold bad words at…fucking kan ni na beh chee byeeeee!!!!! if yet another bloody self-righteous manager comes and tells me the bloody instructions I have already received 2 months ago, and exceeded in performance for, I will bloody pull his hair, one by one, out of his already balding head.

WTF…what kind of fucking IT HOD are you if you aren’t even aware of customer’s expectations, and then you send your 5th engineer down here to go through the same fucking project for the 6th time, and on the very week that customer has their month-end. WHAT…THE…FUCK…!!! If I have to entertain yet another IT engineer from that bloody state, I will QUIT!!! I will walk straight out of this office and delete every bloody reference file, document and email in my PC without qualms.

What kind of fucking stupid president are you, coming up with such a stupidly inane project? What kind of fucking improvement did you actually forsee, besides saving some miserable bucks, so that you can fly around the fucking globe twice a month, sitting in your bloody business class leather seat, sipping your business class champagne, while you expect me to work overtime AND at home, WITHOUT OT pay??? Any idiot can see that the results have DROPPED, you stupid ape. Where is the fucking improvement?

talk for 4 years already, i’m out of breath and sick of talking. It’s time for some fucking (walking) action…


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