these 2 phones swee boh?

swee right? must use the correct word for ‘swee’…

That’s not the title of this post la. the correct title is Quarterly budget planning for the financially-challenged or, How to blow your money that has not been earned yet.

Below is my quarterly budget for Dec 2005 – March 2006 (v1.1: big budget items ohneeee), planning ahead is always good, you see.

Bangkok trip (airfare + hotel + transfer) = $400+ [sit airplane!!!]
Bangkok shopping = $500 (not sure yet whether enough baht) [shopping!!!]
SE Z800i = $838+- [all-round great phone, 3G, mp3 ringtone!!!]
or Panasonic VS6 = $568 (M1 2-year contract) [2mp camera!!!]
New branded PC = $2799 (HP media centre) [power!!! got everything ‘cept free p0rn]
or New SLS PC = $1200 +- [cheap!!! but duno how to assemble]
Apple iPod Beedeo = $548 for 30gb (not sure yet whether enough gb) [zen micro 5gb not enoughhh!!]

Don’t you wish you could tio beh pio without actually buying beh pio?? Future edited versions to follow…


5 thoughts on “these 2 phones swee boh?

  1. vs7 exactly the same leh, except got external screen. the way i scratch my phone screen, i think don’t take the risk 😛

    u buy la :O

  2. external screen means easier to “zi pai” mah…. 😛

    my phone is still quite new and i’m very broke.. unless i can “tio beh bio” withouth buying it… *sighz*

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