I must, but can I?

yet again, disappointment. somebody gets a promise to do something else, be someone. another gets a chance to go somewhere else, do something new. nicole gets a pat on the back, ‘well done, we know you’re over-qualified, but you must continue to stay in your position and do your best in the dingy warehouse and moving the dusty musty inventory’.

I’m happy for them, they’re colleauges and friends after all. But ultimately, what about me? I’m frustrated with the whole thing, and he knows. I’ve been on the verge of tears while having discussions with him many times, but I won’t give him the shock by crying in front of him, or the other one the satisfaction. I don’t know what am I still doing here, I want to go, I have to go, I want to do something else, I need new challenges, I know I can do it.

But to take that step, now, at this time, at this age. Can I? Will there be a chance out there for me?


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