Maybe masochist

I miss being busy. It’s not a sarcastic remark and I’m not trying to qi gek Flo…or Jac…or SH … or Shir…oh dear, oops!. I really do miss being busy. There’s just something very fulfilling about not having enough hours in a day to accomplish what you set out to do every morning. coz it just gives you more motivation to see it through quickly. Masochist? Maybe.

I hate these days when I get off work at 6, and I’m wondering to myself what am I going to do with the next 8 hours before i go to sleep. So what do i do? i go to sleep rightaway, and get 4 hours out of the way. Then I wake up and slack for another 4 hours before going right back to bed.

I miss those days when I OT-ed till the wee hours of the morning, finally making my way into the flourescent-lit streets at 3am in the morning, flagging one of the long line of cabs and cursing the fact that I would be back in 5 hours time. I do.

I miss those days when I had to juggle work and school, finally giving up one for the other. I miss spending those days discussing wadda heck was going on in EZS301 lectures with Irene and Karen (then spending another 2 hours zonking in the library), and those nights slogging away at the PC with 15 textbooks open all around me trying to mmeet the submission dateline that was 45 minutes away.

I even miss those days when the mafia would give up work and school (that’s why we’re called mafia) to have our own little art projects, to chase them around till 1am today, have supper till 3am, then get up 5 hours later just to chase them again. xmm days ^_^

I miss being busy, but I actually have tons to do, but there’s no motivation to do anything. How? I need something, but what??


3 thoughts on “Maybe masochist

  1. I miss NOT being busy…sleep until zi rang xing, have my leisurely fried bee hoon with egg, otah and a cup of kopi-c-siu-dai, reading ST downstairs at 1pm..then go home watch discovery/ngc, go to bit torrent sites and see what’s interesting to download, and viola! One day gone..

    But I dun really miss it gives me a very rotten feeling after a while.

    Really, now im stuck with stuff..projects are screaming at my brain for some ideas..

    Well..sometimes u cant have it both ways.

  2. I know…Your BASS! Go polish it 1st or something..then when u see it shiny and goody, you might just start to play 🙂

  3. You noe… i also miss the days when i’m busy…. i noe i have hectic shedules now.. but its not the kind of busy i enjoy.. sad…

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