nic the dummy

I FEEL STUPID!!!! I am feeling so stupid right now, I should change my blog name to nicthedummy instead. sad leh, iPhoto and camino also duno how to use, somemore can go and mess up the firefox. dumb dumb dumb.

best part is everytime I see people use macs and ibooks like nobody’s business, I’m still thinking very easy la, now I know how stupid I am. Envious leh. Went to the SWF talk about blogging and online communities, then see brown and miyagi and cory doctorow use their powerbooks like playing with toys, anyhow suka suka record with iSight and set up wi-fi connections blah blah blah…WAH LAU!!! (ok la, that part is a bit of name-dropping, forgive me. at least haven’t blog-whore by linking :P)

BUT!!! I still feel stupid. got any free tutor for macs and ibooks not? preferably cute and free??? can? too bad 石頭 is married and lives in taiwan *pout* hiakz ;P got 石頭 clone anot??!! cannot be geek, might as well be bimbo right??? hiakz 😀 budden again got problem, coz not pretty enough to be bimbo. WAH LAU!!!


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