icky -> happy -> need life

Was in an icky mood most of the day while at work. I really let what that group of people do or say or don’t do or don’t say affect me too much. gah. I’m still learning to let go. =_=

so, after work, where else did I decide to go? BLSC of course. seeing him almost always makes me smile. I always get reminded of his lame sense of humour and that makes me happy coz I love lame humour and cold jokes ^_^ Of course it’s all pretty disturbing, but he doesn’t know about it, so, doesn’t matter. at least it’s not stalker-ish. oops.

Then to make myself even happier, I had 1 doughnut. yummy, soft and sweet. Doughnuts almost alwasy make me happy too ^_^ coz I love powdered sugar 😛 I the way how it’s so sweet and soft that you scrunch up your nose in delight with every bite. Of course it has to be freshly made so it’s pillow-soft, and it has to be powdered sugar, nothing else.

Icky-ness is letting it all get to me. Happiness is powdered sugar and a disturbing crush. I need to get a new life 😛


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