Trying to prove what??

recently realised that W likes to deh ah beng, esp when they’re on the phone. sitting beside her, my hair will stand leh *brrr*. and I’m not the only one to notice it, N oso noticed it as well.

She gets angry? jealous? if I talk to ah beng for too long. wtf??? the other day, we were talking about some work stuff for some time, then he asked me to go JP for lunch. so I turned around and asked W as well. She barely acknowledged me with her ‘sian ji pua’ face, shook her head and walked off. So I told ah beng, i go eat lunch with them, and ran off after her and N. Then she started smiling again. ermmmm

2 days ago, N, F, R and me were sitting around joking and laughing pretty loudly about something and we were talking in chinese. So happened ah beng called W on the phone. Suddenly N and I realised that the louder we laughed, the louder she laughed and talked. Really, super loudly. I’ve never heard her laughing so loudly before. after the 4 of us quieted down, she went back to her usual whisper mode of talking with him. DUUUHHH. The funniest part was that N then turned around and went “那個女人又在幹嘛? 發浪啊”. ^_^

What the fuck are you trying to prove la, he’s married already leh. pleeezzeee Just because he chose to confide in you some private matters doesn’t make a difference.

god help me, why is it that I always kena this type of zha bor? I’m not competition leh!!! never was, am not, never will be. use your eyes see know already. 靠! any woman who views me as ‘competition’ is blind, deaf, dumb, stupid, brainless, and damn bloody insecure. All i can say is ‘grow up already’.


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