Ode to an odious PC

supposed to collect the ibook today, but I was too lazy to brave the thunderstorm just now. Now just as the thundering subsided and I wondered whether to go to Funan or not, they called me up saying “the iBook is out of stock. you have to wait till 1st Sept to collect”. wah liao. the shop opened at noon just now leh, it’s only 2.30 pm and they’re out of stock??!! =_=”’

Unfortunately, this also comes at a time when my only PC is dying on me. 8 months ago, IE or Firefox started to take more than 10 minutes to load 1 page of any chinese bittorrent site.

7 months ago, I couldn’t play Diablo II anymore coz my characters lagged like crazy and I would get whomped by whichever boss I was fighting at the moment.

6 months ago, I stopped bringing work home. Excel and Word took 3 minutes to start up each time, and my office files are huge, which took even longer. NOT that this wasn’t good, but it meant staying in the creepy office later.

5 months ago, neither the DVD-R and CD-RW drives worked, so I had to install back the old old CD-R drive. no more Sex and the City in the privacy of my room. no more watching laggy movies on the tiny 15″ monitor.

4 months ago, I got frustrated with ripping mp3s onto my Zen Micro and stopped. USB1.1 takes 5 mins a song, USB2.0 takes 5 seconds. I could only complete 3 albums a night because it also caused the entire PC to stop working on anything else.

3 months ago, the CD-R drive wouldn’t read most discs except for music CDs, even after excessive cleaning.

2 months ago, I couldn’t download any more photos from my brother’s Fujifilm Finepix onto my PC. my photos are still stuck in it. So I stopped taking anymore.

1 month ago, I couldn’t load the forum site that I needed to do my work on and get paid for.

A week ago, I was informed that my pathetic P2 would be incompatible for the 10mpbs broadband that I signed up for. The guy did a tiny double-take when I said P2. *malu*

Since yesterday night, my speakers produce nothing, my PC has gone silent. I have no music.

I don’t know how to setup a new PC, my brother won’t do it for me, crap that he is, as he thinks a P2 is enough for a girl, and I’m too poor to buy one off the shelf (though the HP media center m7188d with Courts instalment plans is making me lao nua).

Pray that my PC doesn’t die between now and getting used to the iBook.


4 thoughts on “Ode to an odious PC

  1. haha of course trust la, but u guys so busy, i oso paiseh to waste ur time 😛

    ibook, *sigh* see when apple center has stock then say…

  2. The week after next im slightly free-er hehe 🙂

    U decide la..keep the ibook or sell it 🙂

    Things to consider:
    Portable vs Non
    MacOS vs Windows
    12.1″ vs 17″


    MacOS has its own set of problems la..But to each its own 🙂

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