today saw 老板 eat lunch by himself. before that ah beng was trying his darndest best to avoid eating lunch with him. For the past few days, the mgmt team have been trying to avoid him too. When 老板 came out alone to eat lunch, N and W laughed and passed a few comments about ‘boring’, so did I, but I couldn’t laugh. Coz I really felt sorry for him.

If only he didn’t talk about work all the time, if only he didn’t smile so politely all the time, if he weren’t such a boring conversationalist, maybe he wouldn’t be so left out. We keep wondering what is it that makes him and IPL friends, and what they talk about together.

But I still feel bad about it. Coz I know how he feels. Being an nkotb, a stranger in a bunch of friends.

The other day, went out with them. They were joking about something on the bus and I happened to be standing in the centre. All I could do was look from one to the other and laugh politely, just like 老板 does all the time. Linda said something like “Nic 都 bo pian, 只可以站在那邊一直笑’.

I could only smile at her, coz I couldn’t bring myself to tell her how I felt.

I’ve gotta have dinner with 老板 tomorrow. I really hope his only topic of conversation doesn’t start with “So, how’s work?”. Wish me luck.


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